THE PRAYER is the most heartfelt and beautiful song you’ll hear today.

There are only a few songs in your life that have the power of “The Prayer.”

I’m sure most of us remember David Archuleta, a runner-up on a previous season of American Idol. He was a huge fan favorite, and he even made it all the way to the finals of this fierce competition, where he was defeated by David Cook.

For a long time, this incredible voice talent seemed to have vanished, but he’s back and stronger than ever! You won’t be able to stand his incredible voice in his Christmas release from last year!

David collaborated with a close friend, Nathan Pacheco, to create their own rendition of the emotional song “The Prayer.” They can be seen performing their rendition of the song in the video below, and it’s one of the most moving moments I’ve ever witnessed.

David makes it clear that his devotion to God is the driving force behind this version of the song. The way their voices resonate and amplify each other is almost mesmerizing, and I’m sure you’ll be as taken with it as I was when I watched it.

David took a two-year hiatus in March 2012 to serve as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and after fulfilling his promise, he resumed his music career. In the United States alone, Archuleta has sold 1,108,000 albums and 3,327,000 tracks. Postcards in the Sky, his sixth studio album, was released in 2017.

You can watch this captivating duet in the video below, and if you like it, please share it. We rely on people like you.

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THE PRAYER is the most heartfelt and beautiful song you’ll hear today.
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