The story of a couple who married when they were 100 and 103 years old.

In the American state of Ohio, two unusual newlyweds live.

John Cook, the new husband, is 100 years old, and his wife, Phyllis, is 103.

His relatives include centenarians, by the way.

Phyllis’ mother, for example, lived to be 106 years old.

The wedding was recently held.

A very elderly couple in love went to the local court a week ago to request permission to marry.

They were told they could do it right away.

Cook later recalled that when they were asked to sign right away, he thought it was excellent.

They both went there on purpose.

They had been dating for over a year and had decided to legally formalize their relationship ahead of time.

And Phyllis, commenting on a pleasant event for them, stated that they are truly in love.

Every retired person has had a soul mate in the past.

But life had other plans for John and Phyllis.

They are simply happy now that they have found each other and are experiencing mutual love.

Cook noticed that they are both pleased with their communication and the amount of time they spend together.

They do, after all, have a lot in common.

They sleep together and frequently eat outside.

Even on special scooters, they ride along the long corridors of the nursing home.

Everyone has their own apartment.

When they want to, they live there alone for a while.

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The story of a couple who married when they were 100 and 103 years old.
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