The traumatized German Shepherd now enjoys clutching objects like a squirrel.

On a gloomy morning in Los Angeles, California, Eldad Hagar and Loreta Frankonyte of “Hope for Paws” got information about a stray German Shepherd mix dog. For days, the poor animal wept. When they discovered the helpless animal, she was hiding beneath a car. Some friendly residents in the region had contacted the rescue agency.

The poor puppy was alone and hid beneath the car to avoid being approached by humans. The German Shepherd, on the other hand, was afraid of the rescuers. To defend herself from the people, she utilized a van as a shield.

Loreta, on the other hand, was quiet for a while after offering the dog a piece of burger. Finally, she let Loreta get near to her. She began to weep again as soon as the rescuer attempted to pet her. The sweet lady didn’t want to scare the dog away.

The rescuers had to continue with caution since they did not want the dog to get violent. The dog, on the other hand, was clearly afraid by them. The dog had no idea the rescuers were there to aid her. After a few moments, the dog moved to another part of the street and simply laid between two buildings beside the car.

Eldad promptly erected a net around the area to prevent the dog from escaping. The German Shepherd soon sought to escape. Loreta was already at one of the exits, waiting for the dog. She took her time securing the dog with a long rope with a loop. Rain was named by the rescuers and carefully placed in a dog kennel. They then took her to the shelter, where she was bathed and treated.

Two weeks later, Rain got adopted into the happy family of Allison Dunbar. She was a well-known animal rescuer and volunteer. The Dunbars wanted to change their dog’s name to match her personality.

They dubbed her “Sassy Pants Dunbar.” Sassy adored her new home and quickly became friends with Allison’s favorite dog, Ernie. She was a completely different dog when the rescuers encountered her.

The new mom told the rescuers that Sassy Pants enjoyed shaking people’s hands and doing various things with her hands. Allison assumed she was a squirrel since she was always carrying something. Eldad and Loreta were relieved to discover the puppy lavished with love and attention.

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The traumatized German Shepherd now enjoys clutching objects like a squirrel.
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