The viral father-daughter wedding dance

The bride remarked on the film, which has received over 40 million views, “I think it’s sort of unique to watch a father of Asian heritage loosen up, let go, and simply appreciate his American child’s music and culture.”

After a video of a bride and her father’s wedding performance went viral, the couple danced their way into the hearts of internet users.

In addition to wearing formal attire, Brittany Revell and her father, Kelly, are dancing to the Cali Swag District song “Teach Me How to Dougie,” which has amassed over 40 million views on TikTok.

The Tootsie Roll, Hammer Dance, and Carlton were all included in their “dance through the decades” performance, according to Brittany, 30, of San Diego.

Weddings are a truly special occasion since guests come from all over the world to celebrate the love of a special someone, according to the bride. The 63-year-old father and daughter of Brittany were certain that the audience would appreciate viewing the traditional dancing styles.

Father-daughter duo's dance to songs from early 2000s amazes netizens.  Watch | Trending - Hindustan Times

Online viewers were enthusiastic about the video as well, with many admiring Kelly’s actions. One TikTok user commented, “He understood the homework.” Another person added, “He is unquestionably the main character.”

It’s remarkable, Brittany continued, “to see a father of Asian origin let go, open up, and just appreciate his American child’s music and culture.”

She claimed that the two had achieved Internet fame before for performing the Dougie. In 2020, they posted a video, which got over 18 million views and served as the model for her father-daughter dance.

Brittany, a physical therapist, and her father, a retired accountant, started making TikToks together during the outbreak.

One of Brittany’s New Year’s resolutions is to dance more because she grew up dancing. She admitted, “I ended up downloading TikTok to play around with some of the dancing tasks, and for one of the challenges, I needed a partner.”

Bride-and-father duo wins hearts on TikTok for their epic wedding dance  performance

She claimed that she asked her father for help because she was living with her parents at the time and that, despite his lack of dancing ability, they enjoyed making their films together, which made them feel even closer.

Although I think we share some traits, she continued, “I also feel that I’ve been able to move him out of his comfort zone a little bit more.” As I’ve gotten older, I feel like he’s watched me change, but now I feel like I can also see him change a little.

WATCH: This father-daughter dance at her wedding is priceless

Brittany thanked her father for their close relationship and the videos they made together.

When I read some of the comments, they really warmed my heart. Some people tell us how encouraging our relationship is for them to be better with their future children since they lost their fathers or had a horrible relationship with them, she said. I think that’s what matters most to us. Without the internet, we would not have been able to reach such a wide demographic. I really hope we can keep making people smile and making their days better, even if just for 30 seconds.

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