This is the cutest video of neonates avoiding grass.

Babies and grass don’t get along like—well, they don’t get along at all, but it’s still fascinating to watch them try in these viral videos.

There are various things that babies despise, ranging from overly loud voices to soiled diapers. But it turns out there’s one thing they dislike that you might not notice until you’re at a picnic or relaxing in your garden. You’ll try to put your child on what appears to be a dry, thick patch of lush grass, and they’ll do everything in their power to avoid it. Are you still not convinced? Look no further than a popular series of videos depicting babies that dislike grass.

Videos of babies refusing to put their naked legs or feet on the grass can be found all over social media and YouTube. We’re not sure when this fantastic trend started, but in 2017, a father named Pazi D. posted this hilarious video of his grass-phobic newborn girl, Kai, to the Urban Dads Facebook group and on YouTube. «My 11-month-old daughter turns like a gymnast around grass!» he noticed.

Another YouTube compilation video from 2020 shows multiple toddlers doing the same stunt. Babies will do full splits or simply extend their legs straight out to avoid touch with a spiky lawn.

And this adorable collection depicts babies hesitant to place their clothed stomachs on the grass or playing with the idea by removing one foot from a picnic blanket before soon returning.

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This is the cutest video of neonates avoiding grass.
The ice dance of a graceful pair is stunning – and so wonderfully filmed.