Thousands are inspired by a mother who raises her daughter without using her arms.

Sarah Talbi, a Belgian mom from Brussels who was born without her upper limbs, has inspired thousands by documenting her daily activities as well as her daughter, Lilia’s, upbringing.

Sarah was born without upper limbs and does everything with her feet, from cooking to painting. She started her YouTube channel to show off her paintings. People started asking her if she could do other things and how she did them. She began vlogging her daily activities in response to their requests and curiosity.

Along with running her YouTube channel, she has a daughter to raise, which presents its own set of challenges. The Belgian mother explains that her daughter believes that having no limbs is normal, just as people with other physical disabilities do. And she has no idea how she managed to do everything with her feet. The brain simply adapts to new ways of doing things. It came naturally to her.

“Becoming a mother is a huge accomplishment,” she said. “It’s my proudest achievement… My disability, however, had to adapt to having a baby. Now that I’ve had two years of experience, I can do anything with my daughter. When we walk down the street, she grabs my sleeve. It’s incredible. She’s holding it as if it were a hand.”

The Belgian woman has also earned the moniker “super mom.”

The tenacious mother has truly accepted herself as she is and accepted her flaws. Hers is a story about coming to terms with what life has dealt her, making the best of it, and living with the limitations that come with it.

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Thousands are inspired by a mother who raises her daughter without using her arms.
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