Thousands of people have been enchanted by a series of photos of quintuplets.

Ashley Childress, a well-known child photographer, put in the effort.

Ashley created a touching series of photos of five adorable little ones in honor of their first Christmas.

The Internet was literally “blown up” by beacon images.

The story of the tags’ parents, who spoke about the difficulties they faced prior to the appearance of the children, struck me even more.

Briana and Jordan Drixell needed two years to become parents.

The girl had endocrine infertility and was treated in a reputable facility.

Briana saw two cherished stripes soon after learning that their dream would come true in 9 months.

The arrival of the quintuplets was a happier surprise for the family.

The doctors discovered Briana’s multiple pregnancy while she was still in the first trimester.

“The gynecologist smiled and told me to get ready to be a mother of many children.”

“At first, I assumed I had twins or triplets, but the doctor informed me that I had five children!” Brianna stated.

The babies were due to arrive in early autumn.

However, Briana experienced unexpected contractions in June, necessitating a cesarean section.

The cubs were born prematurely, weighing no more than 800 grams each.

The children recovered quickly thanks to the efforts of intensive care specialists, and they left the center with happy parents.

Two sons and three daughters moved into the happy couple’s home.

In honor of the quintuplets’ first Christmas, the young mother decided to organize a touching photo shoot.

Ashley Childress, a children’s photographer, was approached.

“It’s not easy photographing small children, especially five at a time.”

You know how difficult it is for the little ones to sit still.

But the Drixell quintuplets did a great job of posing, ” Ashley wrote on her online profile.

The mother of five little ones had the idea of a photo shoot.

Briana ordered interesting costumes that “flaunt” the character of each of the quintuplets.

The photoshoot took place on the first Christmas for the little ones.

Beautiful images touched thousands of people, many of whom ordered postcards with photos of little ones.

Thus, the miracle quintuplets gained fans.

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Thousands of people have been enchanted by a series of photos of quintuplets.
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