Tri-triplets are born at home as a woman rushes to the hospital with kidney stone pain.

What’s the sensation of labor pain? According to South Dakota mom Dannette Giltz, it apparently feels very similar to kidney stones. However, a visit to the ER showed that the odd but fully real story’s mother was indeed giving birth to surprise triplets!

God had already given son and daughter to Dannette and Austin Giltz. And the couple genuinely believed that having children was over.

But they received the biggest surprise of their lives after a “urgent” trip to the ER!

Kidney Stone Pain Is Mistaken for Labor Pain

South Dakotan Dannette Giltz attributed her discomfort and cramping to kidney stones when they first appeared.

She added, “I started having aches and thought it was kidney stones because I’ve been through them previously.”

Mom Rushes to Hospital Thinking She Has Kidney Stones, Gives Birth to  Triplets Hours Later

Dannette went to the hospital because of the growing pains. She anticipated that physicians would advise undergoing surgery to remove kidney stones. So, when they informed Dannette that she was going to give birth to twins and was experiencing labor pain, it came as a complete shock!

Another surprise awaited as the c-section was performed by the doctors.

We assumed they were finished because of the silence, Dannette recalled. After that, she says, “Well, we need another blanket because there are triplets in here.”

Surprised at having triplets, the mother

The pair was undoubtedly surprised by the amazing blessing. In this case, Dannette mistakenly believed she had kidney stones when, in reality, she was in labor with triplets!

Triplets are never normally conceived, let alone at 34 weeks without being detected, according to Dannette.

Shocked South Dakota mother gives birth to TRIPLETS after initially  thinking she had kidney stones | Daily Mail Online

Gypsy, Nikki, and Blaze were the names given to Dannette’s three children, two girls and a boy.

She and her husband, Austin, are still in disbelief at their family’s sudden expansion from four to seven members. But the unexpected triplets are an answer to prayer for their son Ronnie, age 10.

Ronnie says, “I wanted a baby brother. And because my little sister has always craved a sibling, I wished she had two sisters.

Thankfully, after the labor pain surprise, friends and family came together to help get the couple ready for their unexpected triplets. And Dannette and Austin are extremely grateful for those who are showing them support.

“It’s amazing in a small town how many people will come together,” Dannette says.

And certainly, the Lord will continue to provide for this special family.

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Tri-triplets are born at home as a woman rushes to the hospital with kidney stone pain.
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