Triplets make life exciting and never boring.… 🎥VIDEO

On the first ultrasound, three healthy, strong heartbeats can be seen. Triplets! They fight over toys, run at my feet, and spill milk at every meal these days. Life is a blessing and an adventure, and it didn’t turn out the way I had planned.

Naturally, I followed the usual procedures while pregnant. I enjoyed the baby shower, redecorated the nursery, and consumed a lot of ice cream. However, I also went to the doctor twice as often and had an ultrasound at each appointment. I never anticipated living for even eight months.

We never had a need for general parenting advice. When three kids could be awake at once, it is much harder to “sleep when the baby sleeps.” The experience of being pregnant, giving birth, and raising a newborn was enjoyable and special.

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Triplets make life exciting and never boring.… 🎥VIDEO
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