Twin baby boys laughing and communicating in their own language… VIDEO

Language skills develop in stages in children. From birth to about six months of age, your baby absorbs all sounds around him like a sponge. The level, tone, or quality of a person’s voice is what stands out the most at first. However, by the fourth month, your baby will have mastered certain sounds and will be able to make similar sounds on his own.

The gurgles, coos, and babbles you hear over the next five to six months will be unfamiliar, but that doesn’t mean your baby doesn’t understand what you’re saying. Long before they can speak, many infants begin to associate words with the objects they represent. Language development can quickly accelerate after your child turns one year old. Your child will suddenly understand more than a few words over the next few months.

Complete sentences and concepts are learned on the spot. Your baby begins walking towards the front door as soon as you say, “We’re going to the park.” He enters the kitchen when you say, “It’s time for dinner.” He begins to learn a few words on his own as his understanding of your language grows. As your child approaches his or her second birthday, his or her vocabulary will most likely be between 40 and 50 words. This appears to be the norm for many singles, but it is not always the case for twins.

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Twin baby boys laughing and communicating in their own language… VIDEO
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