Ukrainian Girl Reunited With Cat After She Was Forced To Leave Him Behind

Agnessa Bezhenar, 10, was reunited with her cat Arsenii, who had been left behind in Ukraine when they were forced to flee to the United States following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Arsenii was being cared for by Agnessa’s mother’s brother-in-law. He vaccinated and microchipped the cat, obtained a passport for him, and then rode his motorcycle across the border to Moldova. The cat was then driven to Bucharest, Romania, by another man, where he was adopted by a family of refugees. Following that, an animal rescuer on vacation in Greece flew to Romania to pick up the cat and fly him to the United States. However, because Arsenii was from a non-EU country, many documents had to be checked there. A tuk-tuk driver stepped in and drove Arsenii and Kate from Romania back to Athens to catch her flight.

Arsenii was finally reunited with the Bezhenar family in California, USA, after traveling 7,000 miles. And Agnessa couldn’t be more overjoyed!

“When Arsenii is with us, it’s as if we’re at home.” “It’s as if a piece of our home is with us,” Agnessa’s mother, Maria Bezhenar, said.

“She [Agnessa] missed sleeping with her cat, hugging him, she missed everything about the cat because she had grown up with him,” she continued.

Geoffrey Peters, who wanted to help the people of Ukraine, sponsored the Bezhenars. His original plan was to travel to Europe to assist in the evacuation of war refugees, but that did not work out. However, he was later matched with the family via an app.

“Maria sent me an email saying we were matched and that we now have a family of six.” “So I went to my son and said, ‘Instead of renting this house,’ which he was planning to do, would you be willing to donate it for two years?” Geoffrey explained. “Everyone in the community then just wanted to help.” As a result, they began donating money, food, gas cards, and gift cards.”

The family expressed their gratitude as they were warmly welcomed into the Cloverdale, California community. The generosity and kind reception of the people of Cloverdale had made their relocation to America and transition into the new society much easier.

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Ukrainian Girl Reunited With Cat After She Was Forced To Leave Him Behind
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