Video captures toddler having a beautiful ‘conversation’ with her granny

The two major characters of this film are immediately visible as the video opens: an older woman and a small girl. The elderly woman also referred to as “bisnonna,” is the grandmother of the young child.

The two are having a vibrant conversation, but if you only know English, you won’t be able to follow any of it. This discourse incorporates a lot of hand motions, which is relatively usual for Sicilians.

At the beginning, the elderly woman speaks while clapping her hands, then starts motioning up and down. Soon after, the young child imitates her while clapping and mumbling incoherently.

Grandmother has a few other gestures, including holding out her hands, shaking them back and forth in a “praying” motion, and motioning towards her head. The youngster seemed to be attentive.

Although she doesn’t replicate each movement precisely, she does so for the most of them, which is what makes this movie so adorable. The back and forth between these two is quite amusing to watch.

Like most people, we were interested to hear what granny was saying. In order to find out, we went to the comments area. In fact, they did!

Evidently, the topic of this entire talk was “Grandpa doesn’t listen.” Undoubtedly, the young girl has no idea what is happening. However, knowing that Grandpa is the topic of the conversation makes the entire video more funnier to watch!

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Video captures toddler having a beautiful ‘conversation’ with her granny
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