WATCH: At 66 years old, a color-blind father sees color for the first time.

On a daily basis, few of us give it much thought. Every morning, we wake up to a blue sky, green grass, brown coffee, yellow eggs, and a riot of color all around us.

But the world looks a little different for William Reed.
The bodybuilder has only seen black and white in his 66 years of life.

Consider this for a moment: sunsets in black and white. The black and white Rocky Mountains. Flowers, weddings, oceans, fields, hair, television, and even his clothing are all rendered in black and white.

On September 12, 2017, everything changed. William’s family pooled their resources to buy him a pair of Enchroma glasses for his birthday.

The California-based optical specialist determines the “type” of color blindness a person has and then creates a revolutionary product that, hopefully, will allow that person to see vivid colors.

Enchroma glasses don’t work for everybody. In fact, the company warns that only 50 percent of their consumers will see results (but they have a no-hassle, 60-day, money-back guarantee).

After singing “Happy Birthday” and taking some pictures of their favorite 66-year-old, William’s family gifted him with the glasses.

This big, burly guy is completely choked up and at a loss for words. His joy is literally radiating from his body, and it’s completely contagious. Since it was shared on Facebook, nearly 155 million people have been captivated by William’s heartfelt reaction.

Enchroma is changing the way people perceive color, and videos like this one are being posted and shared on a daily basis.

With each one I see, I’m reminded of something Hillsong’s Joel Houston said in an interview a few years ago.

The megachurch worship pastor breaks down the lyrics of the album’s title track, “Wonder,” while discussing the group’s album, Wonder.

This first verse, according to oel, is simply about our eyes being opened to the light that is Jesus Christ. However, it was inspired by videos such as this one by William Reed.

“I saw a video of a guy who had been colorblind his entire life,” Joel explains. “For the first time, he saw color, and the way [he reacted]… He’d never seen anything like it before.”

“When we are saved, our eyes are opened to the kingdom, to what God is doing—a different perspective on the world,” he says.

And the reactions that result from it are uplifting. William exudes joy and excitement, almost like a child witnessing something extraordinary for the first time.

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WATCH: At 66 years old, a color-blind father sees color for the first time.
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