What makes these babies the world’s most unusual twins?

Sheffield married couple had twins.

After the girls were born, it was discovered that one of them had Down syndrome.

This is a relatively uncommon case, according to doctors.

For the second time, Nicola and Todd Bailey became parents.

Lucas, their four-year-old son, is already in their care.

The couple was expecting twins and had no idea one of their daughters had a genetic defect.

Nikola, 32, is a nurse who completed all necessary studies during her pregnancy.

Doctors had no reason to suspect the child had a malformation.

Harper and Quinn, who was born 38 minutes later than her sister, were the girls’ names.

The obstetrician who delivered the baby expressed sympathy to Nicola, but Nicola and Todd believe that both daughters are beautiful and that they will love them equally.

“Despite the fact that Harper has Down syndrome, they are very similar and there is a connection between them that all twins have.

Our family is unique, and I wouldn’t change anything,” Nikola said.

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What makes these babies the world’s most unusual twins?
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