When Big Brothers and Big Sisters Meet A Newborn Baby For The First Time…

The first meeting of an older child with a newborn baby is a very exciting time in a family’s life. How will the older child accept the younger one? Will he be scared, will he become jealous, will he fall in love with him right away? Parents frequently ask these questions. However, if you look at the children in our video, it is clear that this anxiety was for naught – with such love, small children who have not yet fully emerged from infancy meet their newborn sisters and brothers.

Little children are amazing and amusing. Their antics will make their parents laugh and smile. You can spend hours watching how they play and coming up with new ways to entertain yourself. Especially when the children are young. These are legendary moments that parents film and photograph. This is how children learn about the world, and it is not only entertaining for adults, but also humorous.

Look at this video to see how unusual, and sometimes amusing, little children meet their recently born and brought from the hospital brothers and sisters. Some are surprised, while others are impressed. Girls generally interact differently with their sisters and brothers than boys. This is understandable given that they play with dolls and are expecting mothers.

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When Big Brothers and Big Sisters Meet A Newborn Baby For The First Time…
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