Wife Is Expecting Triplets, And Her Husband’s Reaction Is The Best I’ve Seen All Day

Finding out you’re expecting triplets can be unexpected. Stephanie Valas, on the other hand, surprised her husband with the news, and his reaction was about as good as it gets!

Pregnancy is a thrilling experience. However, it can be frightening for expecting parents who are concerned about how to prepare for the arrival and care for a child.

That is why having triplets can be intimidating at first. While a wonderful blessing, the prospect of delivering and caring for three newborns at the same time can cause some parents to panic.

But not Peter Valas, the husband of YouTube user Stephanie Valas. His overjoyed reaction to the news that his wife was expecting triplets was everything you’d hope for!

Wife Films Husband’s Reaction To Unexpected News

Stephanie arrived at Peter’s office with the images from her ultrasound. She hid her phone in her jacket so she wouldn’t have to record Peter’s reaction.

The Daddy didn’t realize at first that the letters A, B, and C on the photo represented three different babies. He was overjoyed to see his unborn child. But as Stephanie prodded him to look closer, Peter became concerned.

“What’s the matter?” he inquired. “Has something gone wrong?”

His tearful wife then revealed that she was expecting triplets. It took some time for the news to sink in.

“We’re having three children?” Are you sure? 1, 2, 3?”

Finally, Peter realized what was going on: they were expecting triplets. And the Daddy’s face instantly changed from disbelief to joy!

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Wife Is Expecting Triplets, And Her Husband’s Reaction Is The Best I’ve Seen All Day
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