With her powerful ‘AGT’ audition, a woman with autism takes the stage.

America’s Got Talent has always had a diverse range of performers. Aubrey Burchell is one of those remarkable individuals who also happen to be neurodivergent.

Aubrey takes the stage wearing a rose dress and matching red hair. She greets you nervously. She opens up to the judges when asked about herself.

She mentions that she is from Pennsylvania and works at Target. Aubrey describes how she used to sing during her breaks to feel better.

When asked about her ambitions, she emphasizes the desire to win awards and sell out arenas. She also mentions having been diagnosed with autism. Aubrey, who is autistic, expresses her desire to inspire others through tears.

One of the judges wishes her the best of luck. As she prepares to sing, the audience applauds. Aubrey cranes her neck as the piano begins to play.

The lyrics of ‘Call Out My Name’ are deeply sung by Aubrey. Cheers break out in response to her emotional performance. She sings while closing her eyes and moving her body.

The audience erupts as she hits a high note. She hits another high note, and the audience erupts once more. Terry Crews applauds her as she exits the stage.

As Aubrey continues, the judges begin to applaud. Her performance has the judges completely captivated. Aubrey begins to enjoy herself as she works the microphone.

Aubrey wipes her tears away as she finishes. The entire audience stands to applaud and clap. The judges give her a standing ovation as well.

Aubrey has a fantastic voice, according to all of the judges. Aubrey is nervous and emotional as she watches their admiration.

Simon emphasizes how Aubrey personalized the song. He also mentions how her career is about to take off, to which the audience applauds.

A sentimental Aubrey expresses gratitude. The judges all vote in favor. ‘Obviously, yes!’ says Simon. The audience applauds and stands up for her.

As the song began, there was little doubt that Aubrey would advance to the finals. It’s even better that she sang as an inspiration to anyone with autism.

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With her powerful ‘AGT’ audition, a woman with autism takes the stage.
The contestant’s powerful and beautiful voice impresses the judges… 🎥VIDEO