With “Let It Go,” a 16-year-old “Got Talent” candidate disproves Simon Cowell.

When Disney released Frozen, the world was not prepared for sisters Elsa and Anna and their renaming of what it meant to be a Disney princess.

Naturally, they were unprepared for Idina Menzel’s breakout song “Let It Go” from Frozen. The song’s covers appeared almost everywhere, and it became a song that appeared whenever someone was having difficulty doing something.

For several years, the song was a big hit. However, the song was extremely difficult to perform. Menzel can hit notes that even the most experienced singers find difficult.

Simon previously gave an X to sixteen-year-old singer Jodie Bird on “British Acquired Talent.” However, the other judges allowed him to continue singing, and Jodi advanced to the next round.

Jody chose to perform the famous Disney song for the second time, hoping to make everyone nervous. Many singers have not yet been able to do the song justice.

However, Jodi eventually performed a shorter version of “Let Go,” to a positive response and applause from the audience. The judges praised his distinct ability to hit the notes and congratulated him on making it to the final round.

Simon, too, changed his tune completely. He stated that he gave it to X for the first time because he felt he needed trust and support. He told Jody that the woman should definitely thank him for pressing that button because it allowed him to dig deeper and sing better. He was able to express his pride in his fearlessness and congratulated him on advancing to the third stage. Jodi was given an incredible and one-of-a-kind opportunity to prove Simon Cowell wrong.

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With “Let It Go,” a 16-year-old “Got Talent” candidate disproves Simon Cowell.
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