With their fathers, babies are playing and enjoying fun.

Because of their obligations at work and their need to support their families financially, many fathers find it difficult to actively participate in their children’s upbringing. Mortgages are quite expensive, and occupations demand a significant time and energy commitment. The abundance of chances and truly important experiences that dads give their kids are slowly coming to the attention of our culture.

I was astounded by his father’s vigor and capacity to truly engage in enjoyable, stimulating play with his four-year-old son as I watched Tom laugh as his father chased him around the backyard, past the aging lemon tree, and under the table, only to be knocked down and spun around when he was caught. Few people contest the fact that parents play differently with their kids.

You can read the study, or, as I frequently do, you can just see parents playing with their kids in the backyard or on a playground. Dads are considerably more likely to roughhouse with their kids, play “chase,” give them “whistles,” throw them in the air and catch them as they fall, and generally screw with them.

On the other hand, mothers are more likely to push swings, sit in the sandbox, plan water games, engage in arts and crafts, read books, or generally plan play activities that keep their kids occupied while they work on domestic duties. Naturally, moms and dads put in a lot more work, but I think you can notice the difference – dads treat me with a lot more vigor!

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With their fathers, babies are playing and enjoying fun.
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