Wow! Mom screams when she discovers her triplets are pregnant at the same time.

A set of triplets is pregnant at the same time, which strengthens their relationship even further. They are all overjoyed, as are their other family members, to learn of their pregnancies.

Gina Purcell, Nina Rawlings-Tran, and Victoria Brown are all 35-year-old California natives. They will each have a new baby before the end of the year. Nina will have her first child, Victoria will have her second, and Gina will have her third. Victoria is expecting a boy in July, Nina is expecting a boy in August, and Gina is expecting a girl in November.

The triplets, who were born four minutes apart, with Gina being the oldest, were ecstatic to learn of the excellent news.

“I was the last to get pregnant,” Gina admitted. “When I announced it over Easter dinner, my sisters immediately began yelling and wailing.” ‘No way, no way!’ my mother kept screaming. What?! ‘Are you sure?’ We were overjoyed and overjoyed since we didn’t think it would ever happen.”

Gina and her husband Paul, who had previously had a heartbreaking miscarriage, were overjoyed to learn of their pregnancy.

“With my miscarriage, we relied heavily on our faith in God, and it was what brought us through,” Gina explained. “We’ve always discussed having a third child, but we didn’t think it was in the cards for us.”

Gina couldn’t think of anything better to do when she discovered she was pregnant at the same time as her sisters.

“This pregnancy has been a tremendous blessing,” she remarked. “Of course, I was afraid to tell people at first, but as time passed and we passed all of the prenatal exams, I’m now able to enjoy it more.” And when everything happened so swiftly and smoothly, we knew it was worth the wait, especially since we got to share it with my sisters.”

Gina expressed how wonderful it has been to have her sisters to lean on and share this pregnancy experience with.

“I was usually the one providing advise because I was the first to have kids, but it’s been a few years now that my kids are 8 and 5.” So Nina emails me all the latest baby tech, and Victoria reminds me of minor things I’ve forgotten,” she continued. “I also give them guidance based on what I remember.” It is a fantastic support system to have.”

These three cousins will share a particular link because they were born so close together, much like their mothers.

“Being pregnant is a blessing in and of itself,” Nina said. “It’s really surreal to be able to share this with your greatest friends.”

God bless this wonderful family and the new babies that these sisters will be welcomed into the world so soon!

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Wow! Mom screams when she discovers her triplets are pregnant at the same time.
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